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Baby shower planning tips


I take great pleasure in organising life events from weddings to parties. I also love hosting baby showers and have orchestrated a range over the years so I thought I would share some top tips to keep in mind on how to plan a baby shower.

  • Food is always very important for any celebration. Don’t feel you have to provide a full meal, a brunch, light lunch or even an afternoon tea can often work well when planning a baby shower. Just warn people in the invite, so that they don’t expect a 3-course meal!


  • Guests are obviously key but decide from the beginning with the mum-to-be whether a) she wants a small or large shower and b) whether it is a ladies’ only or co-ed shower.


  • Games are great to include; they can be a lot of fun. If you have a large baby shower, team games are a good idea. If you are feeling generous you could even have little prizes. I do love coming up with lovely prizes for guests. There is nothing like an incentive to bring out some healthy competition! Although do check that the host is up for playing games and factor in the type of audience you have. For example, if your guests include granny and some great aunts they may not be up for certain games, so adapt accordingly!


  • Decorations are always lovely, whether you are planning a baby shower at someone’s home, a hall or restaurant. Decorations can transform a room and you will be able to source some whatever your budget. Also, if you have a theme for the baby shower reflect that in your decorations too, to make it that extra bit special.

And finally, and most importantly

  • Remember the mum-to-be, the shower is for her after all, so do keep her wishes throughout the planning. What are her ‘musts’ for the shower? Find out what she does and doesn’t like and factor that into your organising.

So, I hope these tips on how to organise a baby shower were useful, there is a lot to consider in the planning, but it can be so much fun.

I well experienced in planning baby showers, along with parties, so if you need help planning a baby shower, get in touch as I would love to help!



Bye for now!



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