Choosing your Bridal Bouquet 


2 June 2018


Happy June! It is the start of a new month and the beginning of Summer!?

Today, I want to talk about flowers but particularly roses, why because Roses are the flower of June.


Now, what better way to factor this into your wedding if you haven’t picked you bouquet yet and you are getting married in June – why not consider Roses. They are beautiful and versatile, whether you use them alone or mix them with other flowers. They are timeless and will never date. I had roses for my own wedding (although I got married in August), but they are my favourite flower.


Roses are romantic, they also symbolise humility, chastity, sweetness and happiness. The colours of roses are also of interest. For example, a white rose signifies purity and new beginnings. A pink rose means happiness and of course, we all know the red rose, which means true love!


So here are my top tips for selecting your bouquet


  • Budget: Wedding flowers can be expensive, so I advise my clients that approximately 5% of your wedding budget could be spent on bridal and venue flowers, depending on how elaborate you want them to be.
  • Research: Find out what is in season for the time of your wedding – some flowers aren’t available at certain times of the year. Or you may be able to get them shipped in from other countries, but they could be very expensive to incorporate into your bouquet.
  • Colour: Consider your wedding colour scheme, as this will inform your flower colour choice.
  • One or two of the flowers from your bouquet could be incorporated into your venue flowers too. You can find some venue flowers inspiration here. It doesn’t have to match your bouquet, you could use different tones and shades in your colour scheme or complementary colours.
  • Take two: Remember you don’t always have to throw your beautiful bouquet, you can keep it and throw a smaller and cheaper ‘toss bouquet’ that your florist can make for you,

and finally let’s finish with our roses

  • Roses: these beautiful flowers are available all year round and come in a huge variety of colours, so you should be able to find something to suit you. A bouquet made of just one type of roses can create a romantic look, very classic and elegant.

Here at Pearline Events, when we plan your wedding we spend the time to find you a creative, experienced florist - we know some great ones! They will work with you to find the flowers you want, within your budget. You may even get some flower advice along the way too.


Natasha x

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