How to include your culture in your wedding day

Getting married comes with different aspects to consider and when you and your partner are from different countries, cultures or races, the question arises how do you celebrate your culture at your wedding? Intertwining two cultures to complement.

My hubby is from Trinidad and Tobago. I was born in the UK and my parents are Jamaican, and yes even though we are the same race, we still had to (and still are) handle culture differences together. We chose to hold our wedding in the UK and had guests from different parts of the world who flew in. We wanted to reference Trinidad and Tobago in small ways as well as my UK influence and Jamaican heritage. Combining two cultures on your special day is beautiful but can also be tricky.

So, read on for three tips on how to celebrate your different cultures on your wedding day.


1.    Wedding stationery

This is a fantastic way to weave both your cultures into your wedding invitations or on the day stationery. Work with a stationery designer to create a style that reflects your culture from unique designs to a stationery print around your country’s flag colours for example. Or if you want to keep it more subtle how about creating or purchasing a specially customised sticker. I purchased stickers which had the Trinidad and Tobago flag on them, in a small heart shape and included those on the back of our wedding stationery invitations.  Or you could create your own monogram with your initials, such a lovely personal touch.


2.    Ceremony

If you're looking to put your own stamp on your wedding, incorporate key elements into your wedding ceremony, this is a great way to reflect your background, future and unity. Whether you weave in cultural or family traditions or use this an opportunity to create new ones. You can read more ideas about how to incorporate new wedding traditions in one of my previous blog posts here.


I have assisted at a wedding where the bride and groom were Buddhist and Hindu. They held two ceremonies on the day to reflect both of their cultures. They also provided a useful programme for every guest to explain each part of the ceremony, the rituals involved and what it signified. A lovely touch to educate your guests on your culture and keep them engaged and a fantastic example of how to combine two cultures on your special day.


Each wedding and couple are unique so whether you want to embrace the traditions or weave in some of the modern alternatives or come up with something completely different. It really doesn’t matter; it’s about bringing your culture to your wedding day and giving it special meaning.



3.    Music and dancing

Another way to combine two cultures on your special day is through music or dancing. This could be through adopting a certain style of music such as drummers or steel pan players. You could also consider having a dance performance to represent your culture. I have seen this at a couple of my client’s events, one example where they had Ethiopian and Ugandan dancers to reflect both cultures. It was so much fun to see both dance performances and the energy and enjoyment that it brought to the couple and guests. One tip, consider having an MC to explain the background to some of the dances so that guests can understand the true meaning.

In my view, coming from a multicultural relationship enriches your experience and journey together. I have learnt so much from my hubby and his family, from the foods, speech, lifestyle. I have fallen in love with Tobago and its beautiful beaches.  So, whether you are black, white, Asian or Chinese – embrace your differences, learn from each other.

I hope these tips on how to incorporate culture into your wedding day are useful and there are other ways you can reflect it to through your wedding favours, your drinks and of course your attire, but will talk about that in another post. Planning a multicultural wedding is so much fun. I love seeing my clients weave their different cultures into their wedding day. How will you reflect yours?

If you need some help with designing and planning your special day, it would be my pleasure to help email me: and let’s talk.

Natasha x


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