How to manage children at weddings



Most weddings are all-inclusive meaning all-ages events, I had children at mine. However, some people want a break from children at all (or part) of the wedding. Some of your guests will like this, others won’t, whether you are a fan of no children at a wedding or are – it is your choice. If you are a fan here are a few things to consider when having kids at your wedding.


  • Invites - Make it clear when sending invitations whether children are named on the invitation.


  • Venue rules - Keep in mind that some venues stipulate that if you invite over a certain number of children you may have to provide some childcare such as a babysitter or creche to keep the children occupied. This is not a bad idea and can give some of your guests who are parents a little break.


  • Meal - Children do cost, you still need to pay for their meal so this is something you would need to factor in when planning your wedding budget. Along with the cost of a child’s meal, most caterers will provide a children’s meal that caterers to the little ones' needs.


  • Entertainment – do think about entertaining the children whether that’s
    • a) table entertainment you can purchase great little kids’ packs that they can use at the table whilst the adults are still eating, or the speeches are going on or provide fun interactive games or
    • b) provide a supervised children’s room with fun games. Arts and crafts always work a treat and are reasonably appealing to most children.


If you need help or advice planning your wedding, get in touch with me. I would love to hear from you.


Natasha x

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