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17 June 2018


As a wedding planner, my mind is whizzing with ideas but sometimes I need to take a day to just stop! It’s the same when you are getting married. It is essential to take time out from planning your wedding. It can be an intense experience. There will always be venues to visit, suppliers to choose and seating plans to arrange. Often it's dealing with other people’s expectations about your wedding that cause the most headache! As everyone will have their ideas! But at the end of the day, it’s YOUR wedding.


Now, if you have hired a wedding planner like me, I can help with that, from organising suppliers, to managing your wedding day for you. Part of my job is also to keep you calm and collected. So, I am happy for you to offload any frustrations to me, I’m a good listener and problem solver too! Even if you don’t have a planner here are few stages when I suggest how to take a break from wedding planning and even taking some time out on your wedding day!


Before the wedding


  • Take a day (or even better a weekend, if it won’t impact the wedding budget too much), off from doing any wedding planning. It is important to move away from the wedding details and just take a break and breathe. It could be a day out, visiting a spa (my favourite way to unwind) or just simply taking a drive with your partner. One rule - don’t even talk about the wedding for that period!
  • If you can’t go away, take some time out to enjoy the little things, a lie in, a cup of tea in bed, some ice cream, sitting outside and enjoying the sunshine without ‘wedding talk’.  Whatever makes you smile!
  • Taking time off at this stage can have such a positive effect. You can feel clearer and more focused.
  • Don't burn yourself out planning your wedding. Seek help if you need it and keep calm, it will all work out. Focus on what this is all about the love between you and your partner.



The day before the wedding


  • It is just as important to take some time out at this stage. Some couples like to spend time apart the day before (or even a few days) before. It helps to heighten the excitement of seeing each other at the ceremony. Traditionally, it is custom in the UK not to see each other the day before the wedding and I do like this tradition.
  • I believe the day before, is a great time to reflect on you and your relationship. A bit of space encourages calmness and reflection, which will be needed by this time. Whether you spend it alone, or with a few friends or family. If you are the romantic type, you could even use this time to write a short note to your ‘to be’ about why you love them or what you are looking forward to in your married life. I spent time apart from my fiancé at the time and it was good for me. I just had a quiet evening to myself to think before all the busyness of our wedding day.


On your wedding day


Many couples go straight from the ceremony to the reception. I suggest factoring in a 15-30-minute slot to your schedule, for you both to escape to a quiet spot to have some alone time. Either directly after the ceremony or during the wedding reception.


This time can be so special and intimate. The two of you can take a moment just to be with each other and reflect on the journey you’ve had and what is to come. As your wedding is just one day, your marriage is a journey for life.

Wedding planning is intense but there are fun parts to it as well. Like any journey in life, you must make time to enjoy the little things along the way.


I will end with this quote “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realise they were the big things!”  Robert Brault


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Natasha x

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