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You may have been engaged for a little while now – many congratulations! Hopefully, you are now taking those steps to plan your special day. Have you thought about how to choose a wedding ring? It can often be one of the last things that you may think about purchasing (it was for me and my hubby)! However, choosing your wedding rings is an important part of planning your big day. Of course, you'll want to pick the perfect venue, dress, and food for your reception, (and I can certainly help with all that) but the day itself will be over in a flash. The rings that you exchange at your ceremony will serve as symbols of your love for the rest of your lives, so you'll want to choose styles that both you and your partner will adore for decades to come. You will be looking at those rings daily!


So to ensure you get the best advice about this, I am pleased to have a guest expert on board, Jack Jahan from Ramsdens Jewellery so read on as he shares his top tips for choosing the perfect wedding rings that you and your partner will love for decades to come. Over to you Jack.


To help you make the right decision, I'm going to offer my top tips for choosing the perfect rings to mark your marriage.


Decide on a budget and stick to it


Your wedding will be one of the best days of your life, but it's also likely to be the most expensive. Of course, you'll be budgeting throughout the planning process, but I would highly recommend deciding what you want to spend on your wedding rings early on. I would recommend spending more than you would on your regular jewellery — you want it to last a lifetime, after all. But, it's still important that you're realistic with your budget, as you'll only want your wedding rings to have happy memories attached to them.

Setting a budget can also have the benefit of narrowing down which rings you look at. There are so many designs, metals, and stones out there that it can be quite overwhelming, so having a smaller cross-section to look at can be helpful.


If you have your heart set on a particular style but find that it's generally out of your price range, consider shopping second hand. As long as you buy from a reputable seller, pre-owned jewellery should always be cleaned and repaired if necessary, making it good as new. You'll simply pay a fraction of the original price. 


Make them personal to you


A fail-safe way of ensuring both you and your partner will love your wedding rings for decades to come is by making them personal to you and your relationship.

There are several ways in which you can do this. Some couples decide to get the date of their nuptials or the name of their new spouse engraved inside, which can be very sweet. If you would prefer to go with something slightly more abstract, you and your partner can arrange to have each other's fingerprints inscribed on your rings instead.

If there's a special piece of jewellery, you might decide to incorporate this into your ring by repurposing the stones or even melting the metal down and creating an entirely new ring out of it.  


Choose a style that will complement your engagement ring

If you're already wearing an engagement ring, you'll want to ensure that the wedding jewellery you choose complements and fits well with it. There are a number of things you'll need to consider, from which kind of metal you go with, to the actual shape of the ring you choose.


WeddingWire has a great guide to choosing the right wedding band for every type of engagement ring, which explains that people traditionally prefer their wedding and engagement jewellery to be made from the same type of metal. But, there's really no right or wrong way to do things — if you want to mix and match your metals, that's fine too.

They also outline what kinds of shapes work well together. For example, curved or notched wedding rings do a great job of complementing round solitaire engagement rings, chevron wedding bands look great with pear cuts, and pavé style can look really lovely with a halo setting or three-stone engagement ring.


Consider your lifestyle

You'll be wearing your wedding ring every day, so it's important that it works well with your lifestyle. For example, if you work with your hands or in a demanding environment, it might be best to avoid rings that have high-set stones, as these could get knocked or catch on things.

If you frequent the gym and lift weights, you might also want to opt for a sturdier metal like platinum, as this will be far less likely to get damaged if it knocks or scratches against your usual equipment.


Additionally, if you work with children or animals, or you have a hobby that means your hands can get quite dirty — like painting or baking — it might be best to pick a ring with a simple and smooth design. This is because these styles are much easier to clean and are less likely to scratch anyone.


Choosing your wedding rings is one of the biggest decisions you need to make in the lead-up to your wedding but, if you take these tips on board, you shouldn't have too much trouble picking out the perfect ones. I hope this was helpful.


Great tips there from Jack on what to look for when buying a wedding ring, thank you for featuring on the blog. Some brilliant advice to get you started. Happy wedding ring shopping! Don’t forget if you need any help with planning your wedding from design through to help on the actual day, I have great services on offer. Get in touch to discuss how I can support you to create that dream day!


Natasha x

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