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Tick, tock! If your big day is fast approaching, the days may seem like they are flying by, it can also feel hectic as there is plenty to do. Here are my top 10 things to do the month before your wedding. Unless you have been super-duper organised and done all this already! If so well done YOU!



  1. Assemble gift bags- if you are buying any gifts for any of the bridal party or perhaps someone who has helped or been a great support through your wedding planning, now is a good time to buy gifts.


  1. Pay your suppliers - most suppliers will normally take payment in advance via an electronic transaction but there may be one or two who require cash payment on the day. If so allocate money (that needs to be given out on the day) and decide who will have this responsibility – make sure that it’s not you though. You will both be busy mingling with your guests! Choose your best man or bridesmaid or trusted friend/family member, or if you have a wedding planner ask them to keep the money and pay suppliers. Place the relevant cash in labelled envelopes and give to your trusted person to handover to the supplier on the day.


  1. Create a seating plan - Now this task can cause the most headaches. Diplomatic relations are key! This task may take a few attempts and I always advise not doing it say at the end of the day when you are tired. You really need a clear head! Think about where you seat key family members and friends! Consider where you seat the lively people and the quieter ones. Mix it up a bit and only write things down in pencil, as you must account for changes! If you are having a printed seating plan you will normally need to confirm everything a few weeks before the wedding. This can cause difficulties as guests drop out of the wedding at the last minute. Do not underestimate how much time this task can take!


  1. Order place cards – these small stationery items placed on tables designate where each guest will be seated. Once the seating plan is finalised you can then arrange to get the place cards printed or (my favourite) handwritten. There are excellent stationery designers who offer this service and they can look lovely on the day, especially if the colour or design complement the rest of the wedding theme.


  1. Have a venue walk through - make a list of questions beforehand that you need answering. Take your wedding planner, or one of the bridal party or family member along with you, so that they are also familiar with the venue. Plus, they can bring up anything that you forget. Also, check with the venue whether anything has changed since your last visit.


  1. Break in your shoes – the two of you need to avoid painful blisters on the big day. Tip: pop on some extra thick socks and walk, dance, sashay around your home in your shoes for a couple of hours each day!


  1. Set a rehearsal time for you and the bridal party – inform everyone, giving them as much notice as possible. This rehearsal is important to get everyone on board with their role for the day. If you are having ushers or friends/family doing readings at the ceremony, it’s also a good idea to invite them to this rehearsal too, so that they can familiarise themselves with the church or another ceremony venue.


  1. Grooming - meet your hair and makeup artists to confirm your styles and try out any new ideas. If you are having bridal hair accessories, this is the time to try them out, in your chosen hairstyle. This is also the time to get final fittings of dresses or suits, getting any alterations made. Also, collect your wedding rings and check that they fit!


  1. Practice your first dance – if you are having a first dance, great. Some couples like to just improvise on the day, whereas you may prefer a more structured approach i.e. rehearse, rehearse! This is a good time to fine-tune all that practice and make sure you can dance in your wedding shoes (see item 6)! Or kick them off and dance barefoot.


  1. Start your honeymoon prep – this can be another fun task! If you are going abroad, buy your currency, clothes, confirm your booking. Check that all your passports, visas and jabs are up to date so that you are all prepared and ready to go.


I hope this will help to provide some tips about what to do a month before your wedding. You may also find another blog post of mine of use which provides tips on what to do a week before your wedding.


If you are reviewing all this and feeling overwhelmed and if you haven’t got a wedding planner, you can still hire one to help you at this stage. A wedding planner can really assist in these last few weeks and on your big day. We can be a great investment as we have lots of practice and experience. A professional presence on the day can really make the difference to help the day run smoothly. You can read more about my on the day wedding service here. Please do contact me at Pearline Events for help, it is not too late. 


Natasha x


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