Top 10 things to do a week before your wedding

Your wedding day is fast approaching!! Are you calm and ready or still running around doing last minute bits? Hopefully, you are somewhere in between.

The week before your wedding can be the most intense period! Last minute changes pop up, unforeseen details arise. You may be feeling excited but also you can feel fed up! You can avoid this by hiring an on the day wedding planner.  I offer an on the day service, I will handle last minute supplier meetings, guest list changes or surprise dietary requirements, fighting your fires so that you can just relax on your special day.


Even if you do not have a planner, here are my top 10 things to do a week before your wedding…


  1. Grooming - collect outfits final dress fitting and take your bridesmaid with you, so that they know how to fit you into your dress. Book a manicure or pedicure, couples’ massage, eyebrows, whatever works for you. Do tell the companies that it is for your wedding, as hopefully, they will take even better care of you.


  1. Final details - check all your booking details with your ceremony and reception venue– confirm the final headcount, dietary requirements, any items that need to be dropped off at the venue before and give them a point of contact for someone in the bridal who they can speak to on the day if any unforeseen matters arise.


  1. Bridal party - make sure they all know their roles in the ceremony and reception! You should have also had your wedding rehearsal too, see my post on top 10 things to do 30 days before your wedding.


  1. Check-in with parents and close family – you may find that some have their own minor anxieties about their role in the day and just need some reassurance. I know probably not what you want to deal with but sometimes it’s better to address this head-on, otherwise, things can escalate, the closer you get to the day.



  1. Honeymoon – triple check all travel arrangements and documentation and pack your bag. Even if you are going straight from the wedding reception to start your honeymoon make sure one of the bridal party knows which car your bag should be placed in or has booked your taxi if needed.


  1. Out of town guests – are they settled in, consider having an informal gathering for them and perhaps give them a small welcome gift. If they are not from the UK an umbrella always comes in handy ?


  1. Logistics/transport – double check you have cars booked for you and your bridal party. Don’t forget that you are travelling to your wedding with your dad, mum or other significant people. So, they will need transport to get to the venue after the ceremony (if it’s not in the same place). Why? Because you will be with your groom in the car after you say I do!


  1. Practice your vows out loud – you would be surprised at the number of people who mix up the vows etc, you can get nervous or cry (like I did on my wedding day) ?. Of course, your church leader or celebrant will be there to guide you through your vows, but it always helps to get them clear in your head first.


  1. Wedding suppliers - check that all your suppliers have a point of contact for your wedding day – in case they get lost, have a query. You don’t want them bothering you on your special day. So ensure that you have assigned one or two of the bridal party or close friends or family member (see top 10 things to do 30 days before your wedding for earlier advice).


  1. Clean your ring – head to your jeweller and get that lovely engagement ring professionally cleaned, so that its extra sparkly on your wedding day and in your photographs.


If all of this is still overwhelming, then perhaps you need some help. Look into getting a wedding planner to assist you with all this, contact us at Pearline Events. My role will be to help remove some of the pressure for you providing friendly, practical help and a shoulder to lean on when needed!  A professional presence on the day can really make the difference to help the day run smoothly. As the lead planner, I will be there on the day to ensure your wedding runs as seamlessly, as possible. Get in touch to book me. 


 Natasha x

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