Top 5 tips for handling rain on your wedding day


Now the weather is always unpredictable and especially during the Spring and Summer months where we can have rain, sun and hail all in one day. Oh, and let’s not forget the wind! So, if you are getting married soon here are a few tips on how to prepare for a rainy wedding day. Hopefully, it won’t happen, but you just don’t know!


  1. Supply umbrellas – as you would expect my first top tip for dealing with wet weather on your wedding day is an umbrella! As a wedding planner, I always have at least two umbrellas’ available for the bride and groom. If you know that rain is likely on your wedding day you may want to think about providing umbrellas for your guests, especially if part of your wedding like the celebration is outside. You can get umbrellas cheaply, or hire them, Brolly Bucket has a great range, or you could even give them away as wedding favours. If you really want to invest in a special umbrella for the two of you, try and look for a clear design then your guests can still see your lovely faces or opt for something that stands out.


  1. Photographs – have a plan B (wet weather back up plan) for where you take your official pictures. If all the photographs are all meant to be outside in the lovely grounds, and it rains you will want to take it indoors. Speak to your photographer during your planning, to discuss what other great spaces could be used inside for lovely pictures too.



  1. Footwear – consider as a bride having a pair of back up shoes, that one of your bridal party can keep close by for you. There is nothing worse than getting mud all over your beautiful wedding shoes. If it's raining when you leave out where a different pair of shoes to the ceremony so that you keep your bridal shoes nice and dry. Or change into the spare shoes when you are taking your photos, to keep your gorgeous shoes in pristine condition. Or if you really want to branch outwear some wellies!



  1. Shelter – if you have dreams of having any part of your wedding outside, such as a drinks reception in your venue’s beautiful grounds do check with the venue whether there are any sheltered areas available should the rainfall! Or whether one can be created such as a small gazebo. If there isn’t speak to your venue to find out what their backup location is for an indoor option if needed.


  1. Keep calm – whatever weather you are faced with taking it in your stride and keep calm and don’t panic! Try not to let the weather dampen (see what I did there) your day, just enjoy every moment of your special day, rain and all, its all part of the memories.


I hope this provides useful tips on planning for a wet wedding! If you do get rain on your wedding day it really isn’t the end of the world and won’t be so bad if you have your tips in place. If you have a wedding planner on board these are the sorts of things that I can sort out for you in the lead up to your wedding and be there on the day to execute it all. If you are looking for some help on the day of your wedding, I would be so pleased to hear from you. Contact me here.


Natasha x



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