Top 5 tips for using blossom trees at your wedding

3 September 2018


As we start to move into Autumn, using blossom trees in your wedding is a pretty way to bring in some spring-like vibes! Or you can even use them to create an autumn theme. It is up to you!


Obviously, they aren’t real trees! However, with the all the detail and design they are highly realistic and so elegant. I saw these on display by the lovely venue decoration company Bows Hire and loved them. They can transform a room and create such an impact. You can get them in different sizes too.  They can really bring a wow to your venue decoration.


Here is an interesting fact - Japan is known for its beautiful cherry blossom; the country has an appreciation for these lovely blooms. Did you know that the blossoms symbolise new beginnings? They bloom from late April to early May.


Here are my top 5 tips for using blossom trees at your wedding.

  1. Use small versions of the blossom trees as a table centre or on the top table.
  2. Place the tress at your ceremony, as guests enter your church or venue, or
  3. Why not consider decorating the branches of the trees, adding tags to make them into a wishing tree – where guests write their wishes for the happy couple.
  4. You could have a blossomed themed wedding or use Japan as your theme (this could influence your entire venue decoration). For example, you could have sake as one of the wedding drinks, incorporate Japanese origami as decorations or even have a kimono on display!
  5. Or you could hang paper lanterns from the branches of the blossom trees or even fairy lights.


You can also see my Pinterest page for some further inspiration about using blossom trees in your wedding.


I hope you agree these are a lovely addition to use at your celebration. If you want help planning your wedding including the style or theme, please contact me to see how I can help.


Natasha x

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