What does an 'on the day' wedding coordinator do? Is a question I get asked regularly, so today I thought I would answer it. Planning your wedding can be great fun, it can also be very intense. The lead up to your big day can mean lots of decisions need to be made and you are dealing with lots of people’s emotions – friends and family, plus your own. You are also dealing with what could be 5 or more different suppliers - whilst trying to sort out seating plans, family dramas and more importantly YOU! Phew, I am exhausted just reading all that.


Before the big day

  • The weeks before the big day can be stressful there are various details that need to be signed off and unforeseen issues can arise.
  • You can be wading through contracts and spreadsheets, instead of spending time with friends and family. I can help with all this wedmin (wedding admin) a few weeks before your wedding day.
  • I can source last minute suppliers if needed
  • I will work through the logistics of the day with each supplier and deal with any queries that arise.
  • I will develop a clear timeline and share this with all the suppliers (before the day) so that everyone knows what is expected.
  • I provide support, handle last-minute supplier meetings and sort out any final changes that need to be made before your special day.



On the day

  • I will be there to manage the whole day's logistics from the first thing in the morning, from liaising with all suppliers, ensuring they are where they need to be and have come prepared to provide what you asked for from playing the right songs to providing the right number of centrepieces in the design that you requested.
  • I will design a clear floor plan so that I know what you want where and will communicate this to the other suppliers on your behalf.
  • I will coordinate the transport of the bridal party and guests, where needed
  • I will ensure guests are seated properly and are where they need to be for the key stages of your wedding day.
  • I will deal with hiccups (which do happen) whether it’s a supplier's car breaking down or one of the bridal party going missing. Rather than you worrying about all this, as a wedding planner, I will be there to sort these matters out for you, so that you may not even know they have happened!
  • I will set up anything for your day handling all the details, working with the venue coordinator (if there is one) who may handle some of the on-site venue logistics. I have worked with some lovely venue coordinators. Be mindful that their interest is the venue. They won’t be there to make sure the bridal party have arrived as planned, the DJ plays the right songs, that your entertainment arrives and performs at the right time, or that all the family members are included in the wedding photographs. Or will look for your lost bouquet – all examples of random things that I do as a wedding planner on your day!
  • Overall I work for you, to ensure that all elements of your wedding day run smoothly and everything you have planned is executed properly. 

Even if you don’t have a wedding planner on your day, please do make sure that you appoint someone to be the point of contact for suppliers and guests! Trying to do it all yourself on the day, can be exhausting. You should have the pleasure of getting ready in peace and arrive to see everything as you imaged so that you can enjoy your wonderful day, with your family and friends.


I offer an on the day wedding service, so if you want to discuss how I can help on your special day, please contact me for a chat – I would love to hear from you.


Natasha x

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