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1. Do I need a wedding planner?


Do you want peace of mind in the lead up to the wedding and on the day? Do you want your wedding to be executed well on the day ? Do you want a beautiful wedding that reflects you? then I am for you. I work hard to bring your dreams into reality and make the planning process as enjoyable, as possible.


It takes over 250 hours to organise a wedding! That’s a lot of hours! Having me on board I can help with that. If you are busy couple, are working, have a family or simply have an active social life then time is precious, and you may not be able to find these extra hours. That’s where I come in, to help. Hiring a wedding planner, in the long run, saves you time, leaving you free to enjoy the fun bits. Read my blog post on 5 reasons why every bride needs a wedding planner.



2. I have ideas about how I want my day to be, can you still help?


Absolutely. Yes, it’s great when my clients have lots to bring to the table. You can share your vision and ideas and I will help you to execute them. I am buzzing with ideas and it makes the design and planning even more fun. I am part of your team, and my overall goal is to help you execute your ideas, turning them into reality.



3. What if I’m stuck for inspiration? Its all overwhelming and I don’t even know how I want my day to be!


No problem, I can help with that too, it’s one of my favourite parts of the planning. Working with me in the early stages of the planning process, I will really help you work through this. Once we get chatting the ideas will flow and I am confident that you’ll end up with a wedding day design full of gorgeous ideas that reflects the two of you.


4. What if I have planned everything myself and just want some help on my wedding day?


Thats fine. I can help with that too. I offer a wedding day coordination service, where I work with you up to 6 weeks before your wedding and on the day to help coordinate activities and tie up any loose ends. If you want more details about what this includes, read my what does an on the day coordinator do blog post and find details about my wedding day coordination service here.



5. I am not sure I can afford a planner?


A wedding planner is not just for the rich and famous, in the long run my involvement will save you time. In addition, when I come on board you are not only getting my extensive skills, my experience but you can also tap into my connections with other talented and trusted suppliers, I have worked with. All of this can come in very handy for your wedding.


In addition, most of my services can be paid in instalments.


6. How do we keep in contact?


I prefer to meet at least once, so that you can get to know me and vice versa. After that we will be in contact via phone, email, video call or face to face, it’s up to you.



7. Will you travel, if my wedding is abroad?


Yes, I love to travel for a beautiful wedding. An additional fee will apply if you need me to work on your wedding abroad and that will be included in your quote.


8. What do I need to do if I am interested?


Send me an email ( and we will arrange to discuss what you need in more detail.


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